site.btaTwo International Opera Stars Sing in Bulgaria Premiere of The Flying Dutchman

Two International Opera Stars Sing in Bulgaria Premiere of The Flying Dutchman
Two International Opera Stars Sing in Bulgaria Premiere of The Flying Dutchman
Kurt Rydl (left) and Marcus Marquardt (BTA Photo/Daniel Dimitrov)

The Flying Dutchman [Der Fliegende Hollander], Wagner's most famous and most frequently staged opera, will premiere during the third Muses on the Water festival near the Pancharevo Lake in Sofia. The performance of the Sofia Opera and Ballet features two world-class artists, Kurt Rydl and Markus Marquardt. Speaking to BTA during a break from the rehearsals at the lake, they said they are happy to be part of the project and feel welcome in Bulgaria.

The premieres of The Flying Dutchman are due July 8,9,10,14,15,16 and 17.

Marquardt, who is the Dutchman in this Wagner opera, said that he works very well with Sofia Opera Director Plamen Kartalov. "He is such a musician, and he knows all about Wagner's operas. He did the whole Wagner's Ring Cycle with Bulgarian singers – it's amazing!" Marquardt told BTA.

"I never met Bulgarian singers before but now I have met them and what is nice is that all the people - the colleagues [both] on stage and beside [it] are so nice. That makes me feel really, really comfortable and warm," he said.

Rydl, who is a Norwegian sea captain in The Flying Dutchman, described Bulgaria as an open and very friendly country which understands culture. In his words, this is very good because in the West they have big problems with the so-called "cancel culture".

Commenting on his experience with the Sofia Opera, Rydl said that it is not important if the opera house is a grand one or a small one. For him, it is important to work together with nice people and that the opera has a good atmosphere. "I have sung in all the big opera houses in the world. It is not a matter of how big it is. It is important to be where I am welcome, where I feel well and where I can perform in a good atmosphere. For me, this is the most important thing and that is why I love to come here and appreciate it very much," he added.

Rydl doesn't hide his excitement that he is coming to the homeland of his idol, world-famous opera bass Nicolai Ghiaurov. Also mentioning Nikola Gyuzelev and Boris Hristov, other widely recognized Bulgarian basses, Rydl told BTA: "It is an honour and a great joy for me to be in the home of the great basses from whom I have received recognition and respect. Coming here is like coming home".





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