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 Month of Antarctica Opens in Sofia
 Month of Antarctica Opens in Sofia
Prof Pimpirev (left) signing copies of the book about him (BTA photo)

The Month of Antarctica initiative commenced on Thursday with an official ceremony held in the restored ancient Serdica complex in the heart of Sofia. The initiative, organized jointly by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and the Sofia Regional Museum of History, was opened by Prof. Hristo Pimpirev, head of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and also head of the Bulgarian Antarctic expeditions. 

A photo exhibition was unveiled with photos from the everyday life of the Bulgarian polar researchers in the Bulgarian Antarctic base on Livingston Island. The exhibition will be on display until the end of December.

During the entire month of December, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the Bulgarian researchers in Antarctica in a series of lectures on Polar research, to see breathtaking footage of Antarctica's nature and beauty in photos and films shot at the Bulgarian base on Livingston island during recent expeditions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof. Pimpirev said that the first group of the latest 31st Antarctic expedition left for the South Pole on November 23. He said that December 27 is the date when the Bulgarian research vessel Sts Cyril and Methodius is expected to sail off from Varna on its historical journey to Livingston Island to join the first group of the expedition. 

Prof. Pimpirev said that the vessel was purchased for BGN 1 million, noting that a new British polar research ship worth USD 230 million sailed off from the UK for Antarctica 20 days ago. "This shows what funding other countries provide for polar research," he said. 

At the event Iglika Trifonova spoke about a book she wrote with Prof. Pimpirev, entitled, "Hristo Pimpirev: The Antarctic Hitchhiker". Trifonova said the book tells how from a private dream Antarctica became a state policy of this country. 

December 1 is the international Antarctica Day which in Bulgaria is marked with readings, an exhibition and film screenings on Antarctic topics, Prof. Pimpirev said. 




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