site.btaConfederation of Independent Trade Unions Stages Protest in Blagoevgrad

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions Stages Protest in Blagoevgrad
Confederation of Independent Trade Unions Stages Protest in Blagoevgrad
The protest in Blagoevgrad (BTA photo)

Medical workers and employees of cultural and educational institutions in Blagoevgrad took part in a protest organized by the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) under the motto "Let us protect the incomes from the inflation". 

CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov told journalists that the purpose of the protest is to make working people heard against the backdrop of prices, inflation, and on the eve of a severe winter, which seems to be inevitable.

According to Dimitrov, there are four urgent decisions that need to be taken. An income solution is needed for those paid by the government. They should be compensated in an amount equal to the inflation rate reported by the National Statistical Institute. During the winter months, energy compensations should be guaranteed, as well, he said.

CITUB also raises the need for gas compensations, as well as the need for doubling of energy aid for the poor. These are four urgent decisions which are not negotiable, regardless of who governs Bulgaria, Dimitrov said.

He added that, on Thursday afternoon, a joint meeting of the national strike committees of CITUB and the Podkrepa Confederation of Labour was held. The two syndicates consider staging a joint protest and will announce their further actions next week. In Dimitrov's words the situation is "intolerable".

Commenting on the EU’s minimum wage directive, the minimum wage in Bulgaria, and the business industry's reactions, Dimitrov said that reasonable employers does not stand up against the minimum wage increase. He explained that there are no people on the labor market who are willing to work for "ridiculously" little money anymore. 




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