site.btaKostadin Kostadinov: Support for New Cabinet Sought from 3 Vazrazhdane MPs

Kostadin Kostadinov: Support for New Cabinet Sought from 3 Vazrazhdane MPs
Kostadin Kostadinov: Support for New Cabinet Sought from 3 Vazrazhdane MPs
Kostadin Kostadinov (BTA Photo)

Three MPs from the Vazrazhdane party have been approached by representatives of the largest parliamentary group Continue the Change, who are trying to find support in Parliament for forming a new government, said at a BTA press conference Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov. He refused to indicate who the deputies are and what proposal they received, but specified that the information about such contacts started arriving at noon on Monday.

Currently, the first mandate for government has the support of Continue the Change, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Democratic Bulgaria and six breakaways from There is Such a People, which have a total of 115 MPs, out of 240. If it is proposed in the National Assembly, the prime minister designate Assen Vassilev's cabinet can also be approved with a simple majority - i.e. If more than half of the deputies present vote for it. Thus, it can pass even if some of the opposition MPs are not in the plenary hall. Without a majority, however, such a government will have difficulty pushing its policies through, so Continue the Change is looking for at least six more MPs.

"The current Parliament has turned into a serious organized crime group. The Prime Minister does not hesitate to say publicly that he will look for 121 MPs, as if MPs are a commodity that is sold in shops," said Kostadin Kostadinov. He argued that "these people" have crossed all lines, but despite the frantic attempts to form a cabinet, there won't be one and an election campaign is underway.

Kostadinov also said that he had a telephone conversation with outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who called him to ask for support for the appointment of Boyko Rashkov as the chairman of  the Counter-Corruption and Unlawfully Acquired Assets Forfeiture Commission. Petkov stated that if Vazrazhdane supports Rashkov's candidacy, Continue the Change will support Boyko Atanasov for the position of deputy chairman.

The leader of Vazrazhdane has previously indicated several conditions under which his party would support the proposal for a new cabinet within this Parliament. They include the termination of the contract for free American military bases in Bulgaria, a referendum on Bulgaria's membership in NATO, the establishment of a team to renegotiate Bulgaria's membership in the EU, the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions and normalization of relations between the two countries and annulment of the decision on the veto over the Republic of North Macedonia's EU accession talks.




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