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TISP Leader Trifonov Withdraws Ministers from Government, "Puts End to Coalition"
TISP Leader Trifonov Withdraws Ministers from Government, "Puts End to Coalition"
Slavi Trifonov (BTA Photo)

The leader of the power-sharing There Is Such a People, Slavi Trifonov, said Wednesday that he is pulling out his ministers from the government. "I am putting an end to this coalition and this agony," said he in a statement on his 7/8 TV.

The announcement came shortly after three government ministers of TISP - Teodora Genchovska of Foreign Affairs , Grozdan Karadjov of Regional Development and Radostin Vassilev of Sport, left the weekly meeting of the government where it discussed a proposed budget revision. The rift was apparently caused by the allocation of additional funding to the government departments.

The other government ministers denied any major conflict and e-Government Minister Bozhidar Bozhanov said that the proposed budget revision got the government approval.

Trifonov said that the walkout of the TISP ministers on Wednesday was only the last straw and there are two main reasons "why the coalition does not work: North Macedonia and the fact that the government does not have money". "This is why there is no place for us in this coalition," the TISP leader said.

Trifonov said that Continue the Change, the biggest party in the government coalition, are going against the national interests and leading the country to bankruptcy. 

He said that ever since Assen Vassilev is Finance Minister, the State has been spending billions of leva. "This is our money," he said.

As for North Macedonia, he said that the Prime Minister "is pursuing a foreign policy different to that of the Foreign Minister, a policy different to that of Parliament, of the Consultative Council for National Security with the President". "The Prime Minister has his own foreign minister [different from the nominal minister]," Trifonov.

He insisted that Petkov had promised to the European leaders to make sure Bulgaria lifts its veto on the start of EU accession talks with Skopje and said that was "a brazen unilateral violation of the coalition agreement".




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