site.btaKosovo President Osmani-Sadriu: Western Balkans' Accession to EU, NATO - Pillar of Peace, Stability in Europe

Kosovo President Osmani-Sadriu: Western Balkans' Accession to EU, NATO - Pillar of Peace, Stability in Europe
Kosovo President Osmani-Sadriu: Western Balkans' Accession to EU, NATO - Pillar of Peace, Stability in Europe
Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu delivering her academic address at Sofia University, Dec. 1, 2022 (BTA Photo)

The accession of the Western Balkans to the EU and NATO is not only in the interest of our countries, but it will also be a pillar of peace and stability for our entire continent, Kosovo's President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu said in her academic address entitled "Strategic compass of South-Eastern Europe: stabilising peace and prosperity through Euro-Atlantic integration", which she delivered on Thursday at Sofia University. She pointed out that when the security architecture in Europe, and beyond, is under threat because of the war in Ukraine, the geostrategic interest of the EU and NATO is to have the Western Balkans as part of the two alliances. 

Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, who is on an official visit to Bulgaria, was awarded the Honorary Badge of the Sofia University with a necklace at a ceremony in the Aula of the Rectorate of the University. The award was made at the suggestion of the Faculty of Law and was given in connection with her activities as a leading lawyer in her country with international recognition.

For centuries, it has been in Russia's interest to ensure that they succeed in spreading their malign influence in the Western Balkans. Unfortunately, using one of the countries in our region as a proxy, as a liaison, Osmani-Sadriu said. She added that this Russian interest continues today, according to her, not so much because they are interested in Kosovo specifically, but because they believe that by attacking what has been achieved in Kosovo, by attacking stability in the Western Balkans, they are attacking the values and systems on which the EU and NATO are based. These are attacks on the EU and NATO because they know, as we do, that a destabilised Western Balkans means a destabilised Europe, Osmani-Sadriu said. For this reason, she added, it is important that the Western Balkans, our democratic countries, believe in the rule of law, human rights and democracy, and are able to join the EU and NATO.  She added that this means that Europe will be whole, united and free, which will not be possible if part of Europe is destabilised because the Western Balkans are always under threat and if part of the Western Balkans is locked in a vacuum, Osmani-Sadriu said.

She pointed out that there is never a vacuum, there is always someone to come and take over the remaining free space, she pointed out. The Kosovo President said that the Euro-Atlantic axis and close cooperation between the EU and the US is the key to ensure that this space is not left to malicious actors, this is the key to long-term stability in our region and beyond.

Osmani-Sadriu also said that Bulgaria is a strategic partner and ally for Kosovo and her country is committed to deepening the bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Bulgaria has proven that it stands for freedom and is a key pillar of regional and Euro-Atlantic cooperation, the Kosovo President said. She thanked Bulgaria for its support, for standing by Kosovo in both difficult and good times.




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